If it makes you sweaty, strong or stretchy, you’ll find a post about it here. 

  • The IIFYM Diet – My Review
    I’d noticed a hashtag floating around on social media, and I was curious what it stood for. IIFYM is short for ‘If It Fits Your Macros’ (macronutrients), also known as flexible dieting. The concept is you have… More
  • 15 Ways To Measure Your Health
    I’ve been beating myself up over my weight lately. I’m only 2.5 kilograms over what I feel my ‘ideal’ weight is (where I feel lean but strong) but damn, it’s like I’m carrying a layer… More
  • Your First SUP Yoga Class
    For the past few months I’ve been trying to simplify life. It started when I watched a Netflix documentary about minimalism and I later read the excellent book Goodbye Things by Japanese author Fumio Sasaki.… More
  • Overcoming an Injury
    It’s been six years since I suffered a serious sports injury. It was completely self-inflicted – in my quest to lose weight, I was exercising 10 to 12 days straight without a break and doing… More
  • Your 10 Favourite Posts of 2017
    Whether you’re loving days at the beach or watching it snow outside, the holiday season has arrived! It’s the perfect time to reflect on the year gone by. What are you most proud of? What… More
  • Your First CXWorx Class
    When I first heard there was an intense 30 minute abs class coming to my gym, I was excited! I’m always looking for ways to work out more efficiently and who doesn’t aspire to have… More
  • Five Beauty Essentials for Busy People
    My daily goals are to eat well, work, exercise and get seven hours sleep. Sometimes it feels like mission impossible, and I’ll race from place to place leaving a tornado of clothing, kitchen utensils and… More
  • Your First RPM Class
    My first indoor cycling experience was horrible. Lured by the promise of a toned butt and legs (and a 45 minute workout), I jumped on a bike in a dimly lit room and followed the teacher’s… More
  • The Dangers of Overtraining
    Whether you hit the gym, play sports, dance or run, exercise a good thing. But is it possible to do too much? Absolutely. I’m not talking about a spontaneous 10K charity run or being sore after… More
  • How I Lost 30kg
    If you look at me in the street, you’ll see a 30-something year old blonde who’s around 163 centimetres tall (5′ 3″) and average build. I don’t look athletic, I’m not slim and my skin… More
  • Cinque Terre’s Hiking Trails in Detail
    I’ve shared My Guide to Cinque Terre and my Tips for Hiking in the region, but the final post in this series covers exactly where my boyfriend and I trekked over three days. We were staying… More
  • Tips for Hiking Cinque Terre, Italy
    Hiking is something I never thought I’d enjoy. Walking up a hill all day in chunky boots and unattractive attire had as much appeal to me as rolling in grass during hayfever season. But I like… More
  • 7 Post-Workout Rewards (That Aren’t Food)
    What’s the first thing you do after a big workout? I usually exercise in the morning on an empty stomach so my first priority is breakfast. I love a big bowl of oatmeal and a cup… More
  • Your First BodyPump Class
    A 100th birthday is a rare and special occasion. New Zealand fitness giant Les Mills recently celebrated 100 BodyPump releases, which translates to 20 years of weights, sweat and, in the early days at least,… More
  • The 5:2 Diet – My Review
    If my life was a book, there would be a lengthy chapter called “Hayley vs Cellulite.” I was a chubby, happy baby often likened to the Michelin Tyre man or called ‘Papulka,’ which my family tells… More
  • Your First Yoga Class
    We’ve all been the new kid at school. You don’t know anyone, the room is unfamiliar and it’s just plain awkward. I can’t rewind the clock and be your classroom buddy, but I can spare… More
  • Perth Running Routes
    Runners in Perth are spoilt for choice and climate. With 300 days of sunshine each year and endless paths along the Swan River and coast, there’s little stopping you from grabbing your sneakers and getting… More
  • My Favourite Protein Products
    I’ve been vegetarian for about 10 years now. It was a gradual thing, but I already hated poultry because of childhood trauma over ‘Apricot Chicken’ and our family mostly ate beef. When travelling in Asia… More
  • My Must Have Gym Gear
    I was so nervous when I first joined a gym. I was a 20 year old university student and had heard horror stories about people being ripped off or stuck in contracts for years. Even… More
  • Learn to Run
    Exercise was, once upon a time, my most hated thing in the world. Being an overweight and underskilled teenager, sport was downright difficult and embarrassing. Hitting a ball with a bat, kicking towards goal posts or… More